Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship (CRS)

To safeguard the air, water, land, wildlife and natural systems that sustain and enhance life on earth by promoting responsible stewardship and conservation, empowering fellow conservatives, and advancing the original conservative philosophy that compels us to be good stewards of our natural heritage.

Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship (CRS) is a national nonprofit grassroots organization founded on the premise that environmental stewardship and natural resource conservation are inherently conservative, and that the true conservative will be a good steward of the natural systems and resources that sustain life on earth.

As such we:

  • Foster better understanding among fellow conservatives about conservatism’s stewardship requirement
  • Promote action to effectively address environmental challenges
  • Support solutions to environmental problems that are smart, efficient, fiscally responsible and economically sound
  • Empower conservatives to be good stewards and confidently engage on environment and natural resource issues
  • Challenge notions that impede fulfillment of our stewardship obligation, including those advanced under the guise of conservatism

Get Your Representative Engaged on Climate Change

Ask them to Co-Sponsor Bi-Partisan Climate Bill

Protect America's Natural & Cultural Heritage

Urge Congress to oppose efforts to undermine America’s public lands

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