If you are a conservative or center-right person who is concerned about our changing climate, your elected officials in Congress need to hear from you. Congresswoman Elise Stefanik (NY-21) and sixteen other Republicans have introduced a GOP climate resolution that acknowledges the problem, its causes, and commits Congress to producing solutions.

While many conservatives in Congress privately recognize the need to address climate change, they have been reluctant to take a stand publicly for fear of being targeted by a vocal minority. A little encouragement from fellow conservatives would go a long way towards altering this dynamic–and make it easier for them to engage constructively in finding the right solutions.

This GOP climate resolution provides the perfect opportunity for other conservative members of Congress to step forward and establish a more constructive stance on climate change.

Please use the Congress Look Up tool on the right of this alert to access your congressman’s web form and encourage him or her to be a climate leader, to cosponsor the resolution, and to be a positive force in the responsible stewardship of our life-sustaining atmosphere.



Dear Congressman _____________:

I am a conservative constituent who is very concerned about climate change. I can see the impacts already, which makes the reluctance of our conservative leaders in Congress to acknowledge the nature of the problem and work to address it, very troubling. Throughout our nation’s history, our most significant progress in protecting the environment has resulted from constructive engagement by conservatives. We cannot afford to leave the solutions up to one side. We need conservative solutions in the mix.

I ask that you join a growing group of your Republican colleagues and cosponsor the GOP climate resolution that was recently introduced by Congresswoman Stefanik (R-NY) and sixteen of her fellow Republicans. It is the perfect first step to getting conservatives more prudently positioned on this serious problem.

In the 1980s climate scientists were warning about ozone depletion. President Reagan heeded their warning and pushed through the Montreal Protocol Treaty to phase out CFCs. That kind of leadership is needed today. Delay in addressing climate change will only make doing so more costly and difficult.

Please stand up and be counted as a conservative who is willing to face this problem head on. Be a leader in making climate change a priority and in developing effective conservative solutions. We cannot afford to waste time playing politics with this issue.

I will be watching to see where you stand on this going forward, and I want you to know that if you show leadership on this I will be backing you up 100 percent.

Thank you for your time and attention to this pressing issue.



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