CRS thanks Rep. Becky Corbin for opposing oil and gas lobby’s radical rollback to environmental safeguards

Harrisburg, Pa. – Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship has launched a digital ad campaign thanking Pennsylvania State Rep. Becky Corbin (R-Exton) for voting against HB 2154, a bill pushed by the oil and gas lobby that would roll the clock back more than 30 years by eliminating many prudent and longstanding environmental safeguards.

By opposing this special interest giveaway, Representative Corbin is standing up for the health and safety of her constituents – and for the responsible stewardship of Pennsylvania’s natural resources.

Rep. Becky Corbin is a true conservative who stood up for Pennsylvania families by opposing the oil and gas lobby’s radical rollback of commonsense environmental safeguards,” said David Jenkins, President of Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship. “HB 2154 – and its companion SB 1088 – represent gross overreach by the oil and gas lobby. We encourage Pennsylvania Republicans to reject this out-of-control legislation.

Here is how the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection characterized HB 2154 in a letter to state legislators:

As written, the bill presents environmental and public health risks and loosens current environmental protections to the point, in some cases, of nullification.

HB 2154 passed out of the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee by a vote of 14-to-11 where Rep. Corbin voted against the bill.

The legislation pre-empts local government regulation of oil and gas activity, promotes improper well-plugging practices, loosens leak prevention safeguards for storage tanks, and loosens or removes wastewater treatment requirements for conventional oil and gas wells.

There is nothing conservative about legislation that promotes irresponsible behavior and endangers the public,” said Jenkins.

Digital ad artwork thanking Rep. Becky Corbin for opposing HB 2154

PA Rep. Corbin Thank You Ad


Conservatives for Responsible Stewardship (CRS) is a national nonprofit grassroots organization founded on the premise that environmental stewardship and natural resource conservation are inherently conservative, and that the true conservative will be a good steward of the natural systems and resources that sustain life on earth.

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