America’s Public Lands, a Legacy Worth Protecting

Mountains and Lake with Reagan Quote

As Americans, we share a rich natural heritage of spectacular public lands—parks, forests, wildlife refuges, national monuments, and other special places. These lands provide recreational opportunity, wildlife habitat, and educational resources. They supply and protect our vital water resources and generate well over $600 billion in sustainable economic growth. They are where we hike, hunt, fish climb, bike, and paddle. They inspire us, refresh us, and reinforce our faith. They are an inherent part of who we are.

And we all own this uniquely American endowment thanks to the vision and stewardship ethic of great conservative leaders from Theodore Roosevelt (TR) to George W. Bush. Every Republican president since TR has added to that land conservation legacy. President Reagan, for example, signed more wilderness bills into law than any other president.


Unfortunately, there is a movement afoot—driven by special interests—to greatly diminish that legacy. These influence peddlers and their allies in congress want to exploit our public lands for their own short-term gain. They are working hard to eliminate protection of these lands and to remove them from public ownership. In doing so, they will be taking away your land and undermining the conservation legacy of Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan, and many other visionary leaders.

As you read this, those seeking to exploit and diminish our public lands are lobbying President-elect Trump.

They have already asked the incoming administration to eliminate vital decades-old protections, reverse past designations, and surrender our public lands to private interests.

The president-elect has said he wants to honor the legacy of Theodore Roosevelt and preserve our shared ownership of the nation’s public lands, but so far he has filled his transition team with those scheming to do the opposite.

Please join us in encouraging the Trump Administration, and congress, to protect America’s natural and cultural heritage, to safeguard our parks, forests, refuges, and monuments, to keep our public lands great. Not just for us, but for our children…and for theirs.

As President Reagan so wisely pointed out, this is “our great moral responsibility.” You can sign up below.

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