Hold FP&L Accountable

FP&L is pushing a profiteering agenda that would make a pirate blush. This agenda includes:

  • Boosting Floridians’ electricity rates by record amounts with little to no public debate.
  • Subsidizing electrical rates for their corporate cronies on the backs of residential and small business customers.
  • Resisting efforts to transition to cheaper and cleaner forms on energy.
  • Securing its market share by blocking competition in Florida’s energy market.
  • Taking away its customers’ ability to reduce their electric bill by installing roof-top solar.

While FP&L’s most recent round of record rate increases have already been approved, you can still fight back! The best opportunity right now is to kill a FP&L’s bill in the state legislature to make it much harder for folks to produce their own electricity with rooftop solar. If passed, this legislation would ensure that almost all Floridians in FPL’s service area must get their electricity exclusively from FP&L…no matter the cost.

Please use this form to write your state lawmakers.

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