Save the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

In 2017, a provision was inserted into a tax and budget bill to open up the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge’s coastal plain to oil drilling. When that bill passed Congress and was signed into law by then president Trump, it ended long-standing bi-partisan protections for that vital part of the Refuge. We now have an opportunity to reestablish those protections.

Republican President Dwight Eisenhower protected the Arctic Refuge for good reason. This wild corner of Alaska is an American cradle of life, unlike any other place on the planet. It is home to more than 250 species of wildlife, and the one place on earth where birds from every state in the union–and every corner of the world–fly thousands of miles to every summer to hatch and raise their young.

In the coming months Congress is set to pass legislation using the exact same reconciliation process that was utilized to ram through that 2017 drilling provision. It is critical that Congress use this opportunity to restore protections for the Refuge. So far, economics, corporate responsibility, and the courts have delayed oil and gas activity, but that will not hold much longer without a legislative reversal.

This year’s budget reconciliation bill is our last best chance to stop irrevocable damage to this special and sacred corner of America! Please use the interface below to tell your representatives and senators to restore protections for the Arctic Refuge coastal plain–America’s cradle of life–in this years budget bill. We must keep the Arctic Refuge, and all of the life that depends on it, protected.


President Eisenhower established the Arctic Refuge in 1960 as part of a deal to balance the decision to allow oil production at Prudhoe Bay with the conservation of vital wildlife habitat. However, the state of Alaska has become so addicted to North Slope oil revenue, it has sought for decades to undo Eisenhower’s balanced and truly conservative bargain.

Keeping the Refuge protected all these years has been a bipartisan endeavor, with principled Republicans sometimes bucking their own party leadership to block special interest-driven legislation that targeted the Refuge.

Without action to reverse course, this spectacular example of God’s handiwork–one of America’s wildest and most biologically productive landscapes–will be lost to unneeded and uneconomical oil development…just to placate Alaska politicians.

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