Bad Arizona Legislation Would Bring Higher Energy Bills and More Pollution


The Arizona House and Senate are considering misguided legislation, HB 2248 and SB 1175, that will result in higher electricity prices for Arizonans and severely hamper the state’s ability to attract new business.

The bills would halt strip the Arizona Corporation Commission (AZCC) of its longstanding role in adjusting the state’s energy goals to reflect market realities and protect ratepayers like you.

The legislation would replace thoughtful and informed decision-making involving stakeholders with the dysfunction and gridlock of partisan politics, and in so doing; short-circuit the AZCC’s successful bi-partisan modernizing of energy rules that is nearing final action.

Such modernization is essential if Arizona ratepayers are to benefit from the low cost of solar paired with storage ($24 per MWh), and not be forever saddled with expensive electricity from aging coal and gas fired plants (up to $85 per MWh). 

These bills would hamstring Arizona’s ability to take advantage of its own strengths (low cost nuclear and solar) in shaping its energy future. It would be a disaster for the financial health and energy security of every Arizonan.

Please take a moment and use our easy system to send an editable letter to your state representative and senator asking them to vote no on HB 2248 and SB 1175. Just enter your information below to ensure your message gets to the correct lawmakers.

Thank You!


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