Congratulations to two of our longtime members for recently having  really terrific op-eds published that urge conservatives to take the lead in addressing climate change. South Carolina member Chester Sansbury’s piece, titled Conservatives must counter climate change, appeared in the Charleston Post & Courier, and Wyoming member Paul Vogelheim’s piece, titled Conservatives need to lead on climate change, appeared in the Casper Star Tribune.

Both of these op-eds reference an opinion piece co-authored by four past Republican EPA Administrators that appeared in the New York Times back in August. In their op-ed (A Republican Case for Climate Action) these officials, who served in the Nixon, Ford, Reagan and Bush administrations, recalled past Republican leadership on environment issues, lamented the lack of such leadership today, and noted that we cannot wait any longer to address climate change.

Each of these make compelling cases for conservative leadership on climate and are well worth a read.

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